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Remote Well

RemoteWell is like a smart switch which can monitor and  control your connected device with mobile app this product has been specifically design to control 3 phase motor e.g. tube well motor, industry 3 phase motor or any 3 phase appliance which runs with magnetic contactors. We offer an extra switch control which can be utilized to control any single phase appliance e.g. light bulb etc.

This device comprises of Overload Protection, Phase Error Protection features. With the help of Mobile Application one can remotely set tube well’s operation time (Scheduling on/off time), also application has a section of History which displays all events and any fault occur during operation indicates via indicator.


Cubizex is a 6-sided dice, which automatically tracks activities when flipped. Assign an activity to each side and flip to start tracking your time.

Cubizex is a High quality device, designed for effortless and to-the-minute accurate tracking. Increase your focus, and transform how you spend your time with the Cubizex time tracking app. It is meant to simplify your working experience by tracking your daily performance. This device will enable you to save lots of time so you can get more done.

Our desktop and mobile apps tell you where every minute of your day is spent.

Smart Knit

SmartKnit is a transparent, wirelessly networked paperless system for production excellence that highlights in real-time to concerned process issues across industry for individuals. It utilizing a variety of visualizations like displays, LED panels, and Smart-Lights as worker flags. Because of the employment of cutting-edge wireless technology that preserves traceability back to the source, the scope encompasses needlepoints to finishing without the need for manual intervention for escalation.

SmartKnit keeps a close eye on the operations of the whole plant, aiding in pinpointing production issues to at their source.

Energy Analyzer

Energy Analyzer is an essential equipment for industrial application, specially 3 phase meters which are capable for measuring the three phase current and voltages. The functionalities we are offering of energy meter are:

  • It provides prepaid units which helps user to allow their device to consume minimum power
  • When these prepaid units are about to complete this meter generates a notifications about this and Smart Energy meter automatically turns of the device.
  • Data Logging facility available.
  • Quick Response

GenStart 4.0

GenStart is a module for effectively controlling and remote management of generators through mobile app. Act as a starter to meet the need of each generator.  Complete Plug and Play Solution for Generators. It provides pre-scheduled mode facility that allows user to select time and date when to start generator automatically.

  • Provide Three modes of operation
      1. Generator Auto Start/Stop Mode
      2. Mobile Controlled Sart/Stop Mode
      3. Pre-Planned Schedule Mode
  • Generator Selfstart protection from Overrun and Overheat.

Bite Share

Bite share is food wastage control system that operates using live GPS locations of food donors and food acceptors. The main idea to control the food wastage using this technology. A donor can post food according to his/her current location and acceptors will see this food within that location area.

Donor can select the food acceptors according to his time to reach him. A donor will see live location of food acceptors that will make things easy for him to complete the process.

Food Edge

Food Edge is a Restaurant Management and Automation software, which provides thousand of possibilities for your business. Owners can easily manage all restaurant operations from the end. It provides excellent experience to customers with ease of use. 

Access everything, anytime, anywhere in the secure cloud. it even works offline.  Get direct access to all operations modes right from the main dashboard that it provides. A delivery App will be provided to restaurant owners so they can access live locations of food delivery.  

Learning Falcon

Learning Falcon is a Learning Management System for administration, documentation, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. This LMS concept emerged directly from e-Learning.

The main objective of LMS is to enhance the learning process. This system not only delivers content, but also handles registering courses, course administration and certification. Main goal of Learning Falcon is to train employees/users and reducing a institute’s costs of training.