Smart knit

Real-Time Monitoring Solution


Digital Analytics & Real-Time Production Tracking System for the apparel Industry

SmartKnit keeps a close eye on the operations of the whole plant, aiding in pinpointing production issues to at their source.

SmartKnit is a transparent, wirelessly networked paperless system for production excellence that highlights in real-time to concerned process issues across industry for individuals. It utilizing a variety of visualizations like displays, LED panels, and Smart-Lights as worker flags. Because of the employment of cutting-edge wireless technology that preserves traceability back to the source, the scope encompasses needlepoints to finishing without the need for manual intervention for escalation.

Why Smart Knit!!


No Aggregation of Data

The textile manufacturing industry is Pakistan’s biggest economical sector when it comes to gross revenue and employment rates Most often there is no possibility to aggregate important data like labor shifts, produced goods per shift

Lack of Maintenace System

Due to Textile industry’s sheer scale and ongoing growth, the industry is facing many challenges when it comes to maintenance, efficiency and traceability. , or real-time production-line outcome

Poor Quality Control Setup

Moreover, through manual systems quality control goes unchecked, it becomes impossible to trace faulty products back to the unit operator

Our Product

Providing Powerful Solution

SmartKnit is a smart & digital manufacturing process tracking system. Each employee and the manufacturing unit will be equipped with a sensor to monitor the ongoing processes.

SmartKnit central server aggregates & computes the collected sensor data.

SmartKnit app- & web-based dashboard displays all real-time reports & ongoing operations.

A real-time production tracking system has the capability to capture bundle start time and bundle end time at each operation for each bundle and units with ref to the garment manufacturing. In addition, You can capture workers standard work time, idle time, and non-productive time against various non-productive categories. All these tracking are done at the operator’s terminal by operators.

The objective of this system is getting accurate information at the right time. So that line supervisors can act for managing the line and sewing floor. In a bigger object, managing orders and reducing labor cost. Without this system, You can’t imagine the depth of data you can have through bundle scanning.


Consumed time of each operation as system is capturing start and stop time for each bundle


You can make a line balancing graph with actual production data against each operation.


Operator’s skill data will be built up automatically.


You can measure new operators learning curve


You can calculate accurate employee earning


You can get operators data capacity wise.


You can track WIP ( Work in progress ) in between operations.


Can measure accurate on-standard efficiency of operators.


From the actual operation cycle time, you can compare your operation standard time (SAM/SMV) to the average operation cycle time.


You can identify low performer operators and high performers from the system data


Standard hours worked by employees


Non-productive hours of individual operators


You get real-time produced units quantity of each employee from each operation.

Improves product quality

Greater visibility of production process

Increases revenue per production cycle

Immediate return on investment

Salient Features

Multi Level Administration Logins

Central management console

Connects database with any ERP system

Rigged hardware for harsh environments

Wireless data communication via Wi-Fi

App & web dashboard for reports & analytics