Remote Well


Remote Well

An advanced technology that contains a remote-controlled device, and with the help of this device the farmers can run their tube well installed in their farms by their mobile while sitting far away from their farm sites. This device can be easily installed in tube well stations to increase the work efficiency of the farmers and avoid over-irrigation. All the data of the operations of the tubewell will be stored on the cloud and the farmers will get all the notifications of operations on their cell phones. Remote Well keeps an eye on the amount of electricity consumed continuously and also checks the presence of three phases to the three-phase motor pump.

Remote Well is 15A WiFi / Bluetooth smart switch that allows you to remotely manage and control your Tubewell and monitor its energy usage. The WiFi / Bluetooth switch works like a power monitor, which allows you to keep track of 99% accurate real-time current, voltage and power on your app. The power switch can protect your appliance from overload. It works like a kwh calculator that can measure electricity consumption for a specified period and a day. The Remote well app provides 100 days recorded electricity usage data, which you can export to your phone storage. You can keep track of how much energy Tubewell is consuming and estimate your running costs. The timers schedule your tubewell automatically power on and off at a defined time.

Key Features

Remote Control

Turn Tube Well off and on from anywhere with the help of Mobile App. 

Timing Function

Supports 8 enabled scheduled / countdown timers.

App Supported

Free iOS and  Android Remote well App.

Schedule Status

Check active schedule status via App. 

Schedule Maintenance

Schedule can be maintained on monthly basis or by 6 months period gap

Power Usage Measurement

Measure Tube well's power consumption for a specified time.

Data Logging

Keeps all log data as long as possible, it helps a farmer solve issues and to get more value out of the data.

Real Time data

Provides real-time data useful for balancing electric loads and reducing power outages .

Energy Monitoring

  • Monitor real-time power, current and voltage.
  • View and export 100 days energy consumption data.
  • Measure Power consumption for a specified period.

Overload Protection

Preset power / current / voltage threshold values. Once the real -time power / current / voltage reaches the threshold values, the connected electrical appliance (Tubewell )will be automatically turned off.


Key Advantages

Energy Saving

Economically helps to get lower utility bills and stabilize the electricity prices and volatility.

Easy to Intsall

No Highly technical expertise are needed. Maintenance is easy to perform yourself due to the modular design.

Time and Labour Saving

Reduces (human) effort, hard work and labor costs by optimizing schedules.

Schedule Timer

  • Set Timer to turn tube well on and off at a specified time. You can let your tube well auto start at 7:00 every morning.
  • Set  multiple schedule for different water timing.

Countdown Timer to Avoid Overcharge

With count down timer, you can set tube well turn on and off after a specified countdown time. Overcharge can damage battery and can cause over irrigation problems. 

Effortless Time Tracking Device To Help Farmers Lead A More Productive Life