GenStart is a module for effectively controlling and remote management of generators through mobile app. Act as a starter to meet the need of each generator.  Complete Plug and Play Solution for Generators. It provides pre-scheduled mode facility that allows user to select time and date when to start generator automatically. Easily works with Generator 12/24V DC battery. Contains Central Dashboard for Generators Cluster Management. It provides highly maintained Manual operations support as well as scheduling and automated support too. 

Phase Failure protection is the main benefit of GenStart which protects electronic devices to get damaged and automatically protects from phase failure. It contains Advanced transfer switch mechanism which provides smooth, Continuous transfer switch action during automatic operations. 

Modes of Operation

Generator Auto Start/Stop Mode

Mobile Controlled Start/Stop Mode

Pre-Planned Schedule Mode

Your first choice for quality

Uncomplicated installation

Effortless installation and Easy to operate Facility

Economical operational cost

Very low operational cost

Understandable UI

Easy-to-use, Touch LCD based User Interface

App Supported

Free App download for Android and Apple Smartphones

Salient Features

Phase Failure Protection

3-Phase Main and Generator supply, with Phase Failure protection


High Reliability with 6 Month Operational Warranty

Central Dashboard Availability

Central Dashboard for Generators Cluster Management

Automatic Mode

Supports Automatic mode when main Supply is Off, generator starts after 5 seconds

Selfstart Protection

Generator Selfstart protection from Overrun and Overheat

Pre-schedule Mode

Pre-Scheduled Mode allows user to select time and date when to start generator automatically.

Communication Interfaces

RS485, Wifi, Bluetooth and GSM as Addon Module

Operational Support

Scheduled, Automated and Manual operations support