Bite Share


Bite share is food wastage control system that operates using live GPS locations of food donors and food acceptors. The main idea to control the food wastage using this technology. A donor can post food according to his/her current location and acceptors will see this food within that location area. Seller and buyer both have to create his/her profile on app then they’ll be able to post and order food.

Donor can select the food acceptors according to his time to reach him. Main feature of this app is Live GPS location which provides both (seller and buyer) great facility of getting their live location. Donor will see live location of food acceptors that will make things easy for him to complete the process.

How it works

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Choose your desired meal from all-natural dishes

We Cook & Deliver

Cooked by Food donors and sent fresh to food acceptors.

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Order and eat food whenever you want.

We believe eating right should be easy for everyone.


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